Deep Clean Before You Travel

deep clean

I know it can be hectic to plan and prepare for a vacation or business travel, so what I’m about to recommend might sound a little crazy, but just here me out …

You should deep clean before you travel. I know. I know. I’m adding another “to-do” to your list before you depart for vacation, but trust me when I say it is wonderful to return to a clean, fresh and beautiful apartment or home after vacation. And, if you’re too busy, you can always hire a maid service just before you leave for travel.

Here is what I recommend you deep clean in your home before you travel:


You should deep clean your bathroom before you leave. This means you should scrub the walls of your shower and the bathtub too. Try to remove all soap scum or rust from water and use a scented product for fresh smell.

You should also clean your toilet before you leave. You will just need a toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner and a little elbow grease to complete this project.

Living Room & Bedrooms

Clear all of the clutter off of your floor and do a load of laundry too so it’s not waiting for you when you return.

You should vacuum the carpet in the bedrooms and living rooms and even hire a local carpet cleaning service if it’s been awhile. I always call Chem-Dry of Fort Wayne before I travel.

Dust all the surfaces in the bedrooms and the living room. Spray a deodorizer in the room too to return to a pleasant scent in your home instead of a stale aroma in the air.

Don’t leave a messy bed behind either. Clean your sheets and comforters and make the beds before you go. The less you need to do when you return, the better, as you will need to focus on family or work once you return from travel.


Deep clean the inside of the oven and the burners. Also deep clean your refrigerator and remove all old food and leftovers. You should throw away anything that’s about to expire and try to eat or drink everything in the refrigerator before you leave. You will have to go to the grocery store when you return anyways.

Wipe down the countertops and empty the dishwasher. Don’t leave any dirty dishes or silverware in the sink or they will leave a bad odor. Be sure to wipe down the floor too and mop if needed.


If you have a yard, you should trim the bushes and pull the weeds and mow the lawn. You don’t want things to get out of control during your vacation. An overgrown lawn can also be a sign that no one is home and this could attract attention you don’t want.

You will be exhausted when you return from travel and there will be work to do for your family or your job too. Try to eliminate one more thing from your post-vacation “to-do” list and perform a deep clean before you travel. You won’t regret it!

What to Wear on an Airplane


Air travel doesn’t have to be 100% comfortable. You can make your flight and time at the airport more comfortable if you wear the right clothing.

You want a mix of style and comfort when you travel with a slight edge toward comfort. You can always change into something more stylish when you reach your destination.

Here are tips for what to wear on an airplane:

Layers: I recommend you wear layers on an airplane regardless of the season. You should bring a sweatshirt or lightweight jacket even if you are traveling from a warmer location or it is the summertime. You can remove the layer if the airplane is too warm. This also allows more room in your carry-on luggage for items you won’t need on the plane.

Fabric: You should choose lightweight fabrics for air travel. This includes linen and cotton. You want the clothing to be breathable and allow air and moisture to pass through it. In 2017, workout-wear has become a popular choice for air travel due to its moisture-wicking technology. You will see several travelers in athletic jumpsuits and pants and shorts.

Tennis Shoes: Leave your high heels in your checked baggage or carry-on and opt for comfortable shoes with a flat bottom. The best choice is sneakers and tennis shoes and they will match athletic wear should you choose to wear workout clothes on the airplane.

Pockets: Wear clothing that has a lot of pockets. You will want fast access to headphones, chewing gum, IDs and other necessities for travel and having pockets means you won’t need to rummage through your purse or carry-on luggage to find what you need.

Loose: You want the clothing you wear on an airplane to be loose and comfortable. You do not want the fabric to be tight on your skin during travel. This will be very uncomfortable over the course of a long flight.

I recommend packing a stylish top or bottom in your carry-on to change into in the bathroom of the airport of your destination. You should have your travel liquids and cosmetics in the carry-on too. This means you can start your trip in style but you will be comfortable on your way there.